Premium Competitive Gaming Venue


MX4D technology extensively enhances the competitive gaming experience by providing a rich immersive 4D experience

Take gaming to the next level!

   • Fully engage gamers and spectators with a truly unique, high energy experience.

   • Be apart of the action as you play, watch, learn, and cheer on your friends, family, and fellow competitors.

   • Improved Gameplay (using new multiple sensory feedback).

   • Patented EFX armrest.

MX4D® EFX seats were the first of its kind to provide a functional hybrid between static or simple movement chairs and full motion simulators. Building on over 25 years of leading edge technology and design, MediaMation, Inc. utilizes a unique, quiet, air-driven, pneumatic system for cost effective, energy efficient and low maintenance turnkey installations.


Premium eSports venues with over 15,000+ MX4D® Motion EFX Seats (and rapidly expanding);

partners include some of the biggest names in Cinema, Theme Park, and Attractions worldwide.